“We are in the People Business providing Quality Services” That has been and always will be our business philosophy. At USG we believe that our most important asset is our employees. After all, our commitment to excellence STARTS with OUR EMPLOYEES!

                             Bud Steele, CEO

United Services Group is dedicated to designing Service Systems that respond directly to the needs of our clientele.  Our mission is to provide innovative, practical and quality service that will save time and improve efficiencies for our clients. We have designed Best Practices to insure we are offering the Best of the Best in the Food Services, Healthcare, Mall, Commercial Facility and Technical Services Industries.

Continual improvement is accomplished by:

• Listening

• Measuring

• Designing

• Training

• Inspecting

• Reviewing

• Rewarding

Service Excellence is achieved by Designing for Quality. Our methodology is based upon continually improving our service to the benefit of our clients and the industry as a whole. When USG team members approach a facility, the emphasis is placed upon the expressed and implied needs of our prospective client. We believe in building a relationship with our clients through continuous communication in this constantly changing environment. 

Attention to our client’s needs is the Hallmark of our business philosophy. United Services Group is well known as a service company that offers quality services, pro-active management and innovative services in the Facility Services Industry.

• QUALITY is measured by performance
• INTEGRITY is expected by all
• SERVICE must exceed expectations